Hybrid Triple BA & Single Dynamic Drivers In-Ear Monitor for All Scenarios


Is it possible to combine the portability and high-end sound in a pair of headphones that cater for all usage scenarios?

Hidizs, the game-changing Mermaid MS4 in-ear monitor headphones, featuring hybrid triple BA drivers & Single dynamic driver with ultimate convenience. A pair of high-end headphones that cater for all usage scenarios.

Impeccable Audiophile Headphones

Combining the perfect balance of triple balanced armature driver units and the Hidizs Macromolecule polymer diaphragm which reproduced in detail and fidelity, making you feel like being at a live event.

Triple Balanced Armature Drivers

Featuring Knowles 33518 high-frequency driver unit, and Knowles hybrid 30017 dual balanced armature drivers are engineered for the precise, flawlessly reproduces the mid to high-frequency sound.

10.2mm Dynamic Diaphragm

Brand new Hidizs patented 10.2mm Macromolecule diaphragm offers more consistent internal loss across all frequencies to deliver clear highs and warm, rich bass.

Perfect Fine-Housing

Fine tuning on master level, the headphones robusting the hybrid units sound to the highest performance.

The Versatile Portable HiFi System

The first Type-C HiFi cable with built-in DAC

The first Type C headphone cable with built-in DAC chip, delivers pure analog audio signals. A breakthrough for using audiophile headphones with Type C cable.

5.0 Bluetooth Configuration

APT-X 5.0 Bluetooth, which transmits high-quality signals, can continue to listen to songs for 8 hours. It allows you to enjoy high-quality music as well as portability.

Balanced Cables

Features both 2.5mm single ended and 4.4 mm balanced output ports adapt for your HiFi devices to deliver superb audio performance.

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